Our Technology

The Chamois

Our chamois has been totally redesigned to create the most advanced pad we have ever used in our bib shorts.

We have worked with experts from Italy, specialising in the development of high-performance pads, with a dedicated research centre. With over 30 years in the cycling pad industry, our partners are leading manufacturers of bespoke chamois and cycling pads. We have developed a pad to create the ultimate comfort on any ride, from a quick coffee shop outing, to a long day in the saddle, so you can stay focused on you, your bike, and on getting the most out of your precious time on the road.


The four-layer pad has been specifically designed to ensure long-lasting performance and comfort.

Its zigzag fabric acts as an exceptional thermal regulator with embedded antistatic properties for ultimate long-lasting comfort.

The quick-drying membranes ensure riders are kept cool and fresh, avoiding issues such as friction and humidity increase.

The first layer comes into contact with the rider, making it vital for fit and performance. An antibacterial velour surface ensures maximum comfort with inwoven micro holes for fast absorption of humidity. This layer provides a soft and forgiving surface for the rider, even after rides over 8 hours.

The internal layers are combined to produce maximum breathability and comfort, while retaining a tight and snug fit. The laser-cut perforations combined with the super high-density foam create a breathable membrane for the ultimate feel.

The quick drying and super-light high density interlaced foam is developed to accommodate the pressure points of a wide range of rider profiles. This layer ensures the pad performs to the highest standard for every rider, on every ride.


We used data from the pressure points of over 10,000 riders to create the innovative four-layer pad which enhances road feel and creates optimal conditions for an improved level of enjoyment on the bike.

Extensive testing in a range of conditions has been a vital component in the development of the pad. A range of riders tested the pad from indoor environments and casual coffee rides to full days in the saddle through the Scandinavian winter.


The combination of high density and superlight interlocked foams offer durable support and a high degree of protection from shocks and vibrations caused by uneven or bumpy road surfaces on long distance rides.

Superlight foam minimises the pad thickness and creates optimal cushioning with the lowest weight possible. Third generation Skyve technology has been developed to achieve a totally smooth passage between the pad layers. This increases the overall level of comfort and creates a more anatomical shape for cyclists.